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The Cheap-Thermocam is a low-cost thermographic image scanner. With it you can analyse your house, electrical devices, etc. and identify for example thermal lacks.

Current FLIR cameras on the market cost a few thousand dollars.

My idea was it to reduce costs by using one single non-contact temperature sensor to create a thermographic image.

This is done by moving the infrared sensor over the target area with two servo motors like a scanner. The popular arduino is used to control that procedure. It takes about 3 minutes per image to measure the temperature on 3072 points. The Thermocam can measure temperatures from -70° to 380° with an accuracy of 0.5°.All data is stored on a SD card.

The device has a display that leads you through the creation process. Afterwards, the thermal images are shown on it.

On the computer, you can combine the thermal pictures with any optical image from a smartphone/camera. You can also adjust many settings there. The final image will be outputed as a JPG file with a resolution of 640x480 pixel.