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Getting Know More About Billstone Watch Winder

Watch Winder Billstone

Have you heard of the Watch Winder Billstone? Well, the automatic winding watch is very dependent on the shake or shock of the watch’s user. In other words, if the clock is not actively used, it will cause the movement to stop moving or shutdown. This is because mechanical watches rely entirely on mechanical energy in contrast to other types of watches, such as quartz which relies on electricity/batteries. For that, we need a tool or media to solve the problem of automatic winding clocks, namely by using a watch winder.

Get to know the watch winder

Watch winder is a device specially created to charge automatic winding watches. Created by John Harwood in the 1920s, the watch winder was originally intended to perform maintenance (maintenance) on automatic winding clocks. The way it works is by turning the automatic clock placed in the watch winder at a set speed. While the watch is turned, the rotor is held back by the force of gravity so that it tightens the mainspring which then releases power to the gears. Thus the automatic winding movement will not stop or shut down when placed in the watch winder.

Watch winder: Between Need and Aesthetics

When viewed from its usefulness, it is clear that a watch winder is very useful for automatic winding watch owners who are not actively using the watch for various reasons. However, it turns out that the use of a watch winder is not only limited to tools or machines to provide maintenance at automatic clocks. More than that, the watch winder can also be used as a place to store the watch which will add to the aesthetic value of the watch itself.

Watches that have a special history or value will certainly be treated very well by their owners. The watch winder models offered in the market are also very diverse and attractive. Of course, this has been carefully thought out for watch winder manufacturers so that it is not only produced to be used as an automatic watch maintenance tool but also can be used as a watch storage area that has aesthetic and exclusive values.

BillStone Watch Winder

The Watch Winder Billstone is designed to wind the watch optimally: not too little and not too much, so that the watch is perfectly maintained and the watch doesn’t need to be serviced too often. The watch winder BillStone is made with exotic wood materials, precision machining, and a finish that makes the watch winder very luxurious. If you have a collection of valuable watches, take care of them with the BillStone watch winder.

Billstone sells watch winders that won’t break your watch. Be careful with cheap watch winders that spin too much and damage the watch with a magnetic field that is too strong and close to the clock. The watch winders that we sell are guaranteed to satisfy your automatic watch needs.

Well, those are about the Watch Winder Billstone. May this article be useful!

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