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Is Watch Winder Necessary?

Single Watch Winder

If you decide to change to another wrist watch to wear, it is best to not keep your automatic watch idle. If you only have a couple of automatic watches to be worn, it is best to keep the other one in a single watch winder.

  1. Why Do You Need a Single Watch Winder

From the name itself, a single watch winder will automatically keep your watch gears winding. Whether it is necessary for you or not depends on your situation. If you are a mobile person who often gets out of town for more than 3 days and has more than one watch, then you have a risk of leaving your automatic watch being idle for a long time and will result in the stoppage of the gears. Therefore, it is recommended to use a single watch winder to keep the gears spinning. On the opposite, if you are not mobile and can still switch to other watches in a short period of time, then you might consider a single watch winder as not a primary need.

  1. How to Use a Single Watch Winder

How to use it is very simple: First, check the power source. If you are using batteries, make sure you change it regularly. However it is recommended that you use the AC plug adaptors to stay connected to the electricity. Second, turn the rotation tempo knob to select how many times the winder needs to rotate in a certain period of time. The more frequent it moves, the more power consuming. Third, place your watch in a firm position so that it doesn’t fall or slip when the winter is rotating or moving. And lastly, close and lock the lid so that your watch is safe and 

Now that you know the function and way to use a single watch winder, now you can decide whether to buy one or not. Back again, it all depends on your need

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